Henry Bacon and the Lincoln Memorial

On this President’s Day weekend, we remember the architect Henry Bacon, who designed the Lincoln Memorial as well as Olin Library and Van Vleck Observatory, among other buildings on Wesleyan’s campus. Bacon worked with the Board of Trustees in the early 20th century to create a building development plan for Wesleyan’s future.

Special Collections & Archives has a collection of Henry Bacon Papers, including a splendid collection of photographs taken during the construction of the Lincoln Memorial. The photo below shows sculpter Daniel Chester French and a work crew as the statue of Lincoln was assembled.


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  1. Hello! Any idea where I might get a copy of this photo? Perhaps I could order a scan from the Special Collections & Archives and mail a check in return? I’d like to get a print made for a friend, but have never been able to find a quality version/print/poster.

    Sarah Mimnaugh

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