Pick of the week, Jan. 25: Indian Hill Cemetery map, 1850

An association for the establishment of a rural cemetery in Middletown was organzied on July 3, 1850. It purchased property known as Indian Hill. The association charged Dr. Horatio Stone with laying out the grounds. The cemetery was dedicated on Sept. 30, 1850, and among the participants were the mayor, other city officials, clergymen, prominent citizens, and members of Wesleyan’s faculty and student body.

SC&A holds a commemorative booklet published by Charles H. Pelton, Printer, titled, The Addresses Delivered at the Dedication of the Indian Hill Cemetery with the Articles of Association, By-Laws, &c. &c. Included in the booklet is the map above (the reproduction is a composite scan) that shows the plots purchased by the original shareholders. The booklet also lists the shareholders and their plots, the first page of which is shown below.

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