Pick of the week, June 7: The Oasis of Jupiter Ammon

Siwa, or the Oasis of Jupiter Ammon

Wondering what to do before you graduate?  Here’s what one student did, back in 1929…  Paul S. McElroy graduated from Wesleyan in 1930, but the year before that, he spent time in Egypt, teaching English at the American University at Cairo.  While there, he and some of the faculty members of the American University took a trip by motorcar across the desert from Cairo all the way to Siwa, an oasis in the Libyan desert 400 miles to the west.  This small pamphlet, Siwa, or The Oasis of Jupiter Ammon (13 pages in all), describes their journey, the scenery they saw, and the people they encountered.

What did you do this summer?  If you publish an account of any exciting adventures, be sure to bring a copy to Special Collections & Archives!

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