Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s visits to Wesleyan

Dr. King inspired many during his four visits to Wesleyan (on January 14, 1962, October 20-21, 1963, June 7, 1964, and November 20, 1966), and his legacy lives on.  For example, his 1964 baccalaureate address is as powerful a call to action to us today as it was then:

“And so we must move out of the mountain of physical violence and corroding hatred to the higher and noble mountain of non-violence and creative, powerful love.  This is the challenge standing before our nation, standing before our world.”

Photographs, articles, and reminiscences documenting Dr. King’s visits can be found in Special Collections & Archives.  If you would like to view them or share your memories, please email sca@wesleyan.edu.

Dr. King speaking to the College of Social Studies in 1962.


Argus coverage of Dr. King’s 1963 talk in the Chapel.


Dr. King with Wesleyan President Victor Butterfield in 1964.


Dr. King speaking at the 1964 baccalaureate service.



Argus coverage of Dr. King’s 1966 talk.

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