A Roman coin inspires a 15th-century Venetian printer

Wesleyan’s Special Collections & Archives owns two Roman coins from the 1st century CE. The first of these coins, a silver denarius minted in 80 CE by Emperor Titus, is connected to the early history of printing.  According to the Renaissance humanist Erasumus, an exemplar of this coin was given to the famous Venetian printer … Read more

Nathan Comfort Starr Collection of Arthuriana

Thanks to the generosity of the Friends of the Wesleyan Library, Samantha Klein recently completed a cataloging project for a collection of Arthuriana here in Special Collections & Archives. Samantha wrote the following text about the collection and the project: Members of the Wesleyan community interested in King Arthur and his knights have a unique … Read more

Celebrate Earth Day with SC&A

Celebrate EARTH DAY with SC&A Wednesday April 22, 2009 3:00-5:00pm Don’t miss the opportunity to come to Olin Library and step into Special Collections & Archives between 3:00-5:00pm on Wednesday April 22 to see some of our materials selected specifically for our Earth Day exhibit. Our newly acquired atlas “EARTH” will be on display. Sure, … Read more

A Window into the Author’s Mind

A publisher’s proof copy of a novel, with the author’s own edits and revisions hand-written throughout, gives us a rare glimpse into the author’s writing process. What sections did he or she cut? How were phrases rewritten, or words exchanged for other, better choices? We have such a view into the writing process of the … Read more