Celebrate Earth Day with SC&A

Celebrate EARTH DAY with SC&A

Wednesday April 22, 2009 3:00-5:00pm

Don’t miss the opportunity to come to Olin Library and step into Special Collections & Archives between 3:00-5:00pm on Wednesday April 22 to see some of our materials selected specifically for our Earth Day exhibit. Our newly acquired atlas “EARTH” will be on display. Sure, we’ve all seen an atlas before but Wesleyan University owns the mother of all atlases in “EARTH,” which takes cartography and publishing to a new stratosphere. More than 100 international cartographers, oceanographers, and geographers have produced an astounding 355 maps covering 194 countries. Adding to this cartographic feat, the massive 580 pages contain extensive country text, covering all the nations of the world. EARTH also presents four stunning gatefolds measuring 1.8 meters across, including one titled “Earth from the Sky at Night”, a stunning image taken by NASA. More than 800 exquisite images were sourced from prestigious picture libraries, including a large number of images taken by National Geographic photographers. Only 3,000 copies of this highly prized volume have been printed. Highly detailed maps, produced by a team of international cartographers, are the foundation of this book. Each of the countries of the world is also described and illustrated in detail, with focus on the geography, history, culture, and unique features. I guarantee seeing this atlas will be worth your walk over or we will give you a free pencil. Just the fact that you read this much of this blog post means we will give you a free pencil. All you have to do is ask when you get here.

Are you wondering what ever happened to those old cards people use to have to look through one-by-one to find a book location? Since we no longer use a physical card catalog we will have on display a few ways the staff has found to repurpose, recycle, and reuse them as part of our Earth Day exhibit.

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  1. Fantastic display of old and new! Thanks for the highly original staff artwork and the chance to see some very old and rare books celebrating Earth Day.

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