Jewish books from Middletown’s Congregation Adath Israel

Last spring, a group of rare, Jewish-related books arrived at Special Collections & Archives, as a result of a new partnership between Wesleyan University’s Special Collection & Archives, Wesleyan’s Jewish and Israel Studies Program, and Middletown’s Congregation Adath Israel.  These rare books from Adath Israel are now on long-term loan to Special Collections & Archives … Read more

A Window into the Author’s Mind

A publisher’s proof copy of a novel, with the author’s own edits and revisions hand-written throughout, gives us a rare glimpse into the author’s writing process. What sections did he or she cut? How were phrases rewritten, or words exchanged for other, better choices? We have such a view into the writing process of the … Read more

What Black & White and Red (or Read) all over?

NOW AVAILABLE AT SPECIAL COLLECTIONS & ARCHIVES The official SC&A pencil for only 25¢ ●Everybody did you know for the small sum of 25¢ you can buy a writing instrument that writes under water, in zero gravity and upside down!!!!!!!!! ●Thesis writers did you know a pencil can write 45,000 words. ●Art majors did you … Read more

Pencil power!

Why do we love the pencil so much in Special Collections? Well, what’s not to love? It is easy to find, inexpensive, waterproof, and best of all, it has a handy-dandy eraser. It’s the eraser that makes pencils our writing instrument of choice in Special Collections & Archives. Although we know our users are careful, … Read more

Welcome to the Special Collections & Archives Blog

We have started this blog to provide news and information about the archival and rare book collections at Wesleyan University. This site will keep you updated on events, exhibits, and new acquisitions, as well as glimpses of some of our holdings. Welcome to SC&A!