Pick of the week, Jan. 4: The Rubáiyát of a Persian Kitten

Love those silly internet cat sites?  Adorable kitties getting into trouble have been around forever.  Here’s one of many too-cute-to-be-true images from Oliver Herford’s Rubáiyát of a Persian Kitten (New York: Scribner’s, 1922, c1904).  This sweet little stray wandered off the library’s weeding list into a safe, new home in Special Collections & Archives, already … Read more

Pick of the week, Dec. 17: Van Vleck Observatory and the Douglas Cannon

In the SC&A vertical files, there is a nice selection of images of Van Vleck Obersvatory, one of which I came across this week. It’s undated, but judging from the landscape, I would estimate that the photograph was taken sometime in the 1920s or ’30s. That’s the iconic Douglas Canon in the foreground. You can … Read more

Pick of the week, Dec. 3: John Cage Writes

The pick this week is our new exhibition, John Cage Writes, that opened on Monday, December 3rd. It focuses primarily on the five books influential experimental music composer, writer, and artist John Cage wrote that were published by Wesleyan University Press: Silence (1961), A Year from Monday (1967), M (1973), Empty Words (1979), and X … Read more