Pick of the week, April 5: Plantin Polyglot Bible, 1569

Polyglot Bible, 1569

Suzy Taraba recently showed Prof. Kate Birney’s Introduction to Ancient Greek (GRK101) class the 1569 polyglot Bible, “the second of the great Polyglots, known as the Antwerp, or Plantin’s polyglot, otherwise the Royal polyglot,” according to Darlow & Moule. The class was studying Exodus 21:22-25 in Greek (see below). A polyglot Bible contains multiple translations of the text; this one has Hebrew, Greek, Syriac and Aramaic with translations and commentary in Latin. The Plantin polyglot is a massive set, complete in eight large volumes.  In the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, there were several major polyglot Bible projects, beginning with the Complutensian polyglot of 1514-17. (Thanks to Suzy for co-writing this post.)

Polyglot Bible, Exodus 21:22-25

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