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This fall, students from Helen Poulos’ Introduction to Environmental Studies (E&ES197) class viewed artists’ books about environmental issues in Special Collections & Archives with Rebecca McCallum and learned basic bookmaking techniques from Michaelle Biddle, librarians at Olin Library.  Some students chose to create artists’ book for their final projects, and these, as well as posters […]

Can you read the text on this page? Neither can I!  But it’s one of many foreign-language Bibles in our Special Collections that I’ve had to catalog.  Back in the early 19th century, the British Foreign and Bible Society was hard at work on its goal of translating the Bible into as many foreign languages […]

We’re not exactly sure what’s going on in this unidentified photo from about the mid-1970s. We think it possibly could be a riff on a Last Supper motif, which wouldn’t be the only time Wesleyan students have done this. I’m a bit concerned about the gentleman with the bat. Maybe it relates to this painting, […]

Here is the photograph of the John Wesley Club in the 1965 Olla Prodrida. Look familiar? Leonardo da Vinci’s The Last Supper: (Image source: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Giampietrino-Last-Supper-ca-1520.jpg)

…nor a library closure due to noxious fumes will keep Special Collections & Archives from the preparations for the New England Archivists workshops on Friday (23rd) and meeting on Saturday (24th). Our apologies to the students, staff, faculty, and other researchers who planned to use SC&A holdings on Thursday.  We hope to be open our […]

What most people imagine when they hear “special collections”           What special collections is about … The focus of work in Special Collections and Archives is about service–reference service to the students and others who use the holdings.  The Wednesday before spring break we extended our service hours knowing that two classes […]

In our last post, I started to describe the task known as “Shelf Prep,” and how we protect our fragile rare  books.  In this post, I go on to describe the three types of housing we create for the books. As the blue e-flute box specialist, I have been working mainly with old class albums. […]

Through our work at Special Collections & Archives, we student workers have become sensitive to the cause of preserving historical objects.  All of us handle fragile objects nearly every shift, and through handling these objects we see firsthand the effects of afflictions such as “red rot” (where the leather binding of a book begins to […]

For the past semester I have been slowly working my way through Special Collections and Archives’s collection of Sheila Tobias’s papers. The collection of Women’s Studies ephemera – newspaper articles, women’s conference programs, academic papers, and magazines, all filed and organized by author or theme by Tobias – fills twelve boxes. They operate as a […]

Wesleyan at 100

In early October 1931, Wesleyan University celebrated its centennial. The event was highly publicized, and was attended by the university’s student body of approximately 600 as well as by guests, alumni and parents. My most recent archival project has been to explore documents associated with the centennial celebration, the Wesleyan Centennial Collection. Contained in a […]

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