Pick of the week, Sept. 21

It’s been just over a year since the Occupy Wall Street protest movement began.  In honor of the anniversary of the movement’s beginning (on September 17, 2011), here are some images from a new addition to our collection, just cataloged this week: an artist’s book consisting of 24 plastic cards, made to look like credit … Read more

Mutanabbi Street broadsides

Throughout history, artists and writers have commented on, protested, or memorialized events current to their time, and today’s artists continue to do the same.  Special Collections & Archives recently acquired a set of broadsides (that is, printed large single sheets of  paper, like a poster) that are part of the “Al-Mutanabbi Street Starts Here” project. … Read more

Confrontation at Wesleyan: The military on campus collection, 1968-1975

Wesleyan generally prides itself on its reputation for political activity. Recently, according to the November, 30th edition of the Argus, 50 student, faculty, and citizen protesters marched down to the Army recruitment office in Metro Square in protest of the war in Iraq. Forty years ago, the University was in similar circumstances during the Vietnam … Read more