History at your fingertips

Next time you wonder when a Wesleyan building was constructed, or who this Davison guy was, or just how the Douglas Cannon came to be the unofficial Wesleyan mascot, stop by Special Collections & Archives and take a look at our Vertical Files. These are subject files where we keep clippings, memos, reports, notes, and other material about Wesleyan-related people, places, and things.

Because these files are readily accessible and organized by topic, they are great places to start your research. By looking at the files on, say, Olin Library, you will find lots of information about the architects, design, dates of construction, and changes over the years. Once you have the basic facts, it is much easier to figure out which archival collections (our collection of architectural plans- the Henry Bacon Papers-) will have the sort of information you really need.

And remember: the friendly staff members in SC&A are always delighted to help you in your research!

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