What Black & White and Red (or Read) all over?



The official SC&A pencil for only 25¢

●Everybody did you know for the small sum of 25¢ you can buy a writing instrument that writes under water, in zero gravity and upside down!!!!!!!!!

●Thesis writers did you know a pencil can write 45,000 words.

●Art majors did you know a pencil can draw a line 35 miles long.

●Environmentalists did you know more than two billion pencils are used in the
United States every day.

●College of Letters majors do you know what Henry David Thoreau and pencils have in common? In 1821, Charles Dunbar (the brother-in-law of author Henry David Thoreau) discovered a graphite deposit in
New England. This graphite was certified as far superior to any previously found in the
United States. With this high-quality material for its writing cores, the Thoreau pencil company came to be known as the maker of the finest pencils in

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  1. Linda,

    I often wondered if that pencil machine really worked–and to think it still takes coins. Gotta get a pencil from the machine.


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